Screening for Prostate Cancer Can Do More Harm Than Good: What all this tells me is that the PSA blood analysis results have little meaning unless taken into context along with other diagnostic criteria. That the  prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis is very much a subjective thing and that no two physicians are ever likely to agree on any one particular patient’s clinical outcome. Their respective analysis will depend very much on their individual training and experience as well as personal treatment bias, not on any set clinical criteria. So what is the point in screening for prostate cancer? Contrary to previously held dogma, which held that all men should submit to a screening for prostate cancer  test on an annual basis, a study of 9000 men over a twenty year period, showed clearly that there was no significant variation in the number of deaths between men who had had a PSA screening test and those who didn't .  See British Medical Journal, at: What this means then is that having  screening for prostate cancer is unlikely to do other than cause a great deal of expense and personal anguish and with no material health benefit. The evidence show screening for what is one of the slowest growing of all cancers will more than likely end up making many men impotent and cause  major debilitating, and embarrassing, bowel, bladder and impotency issues. Similarly, once cancer is positively diagnosed,  regular PSA testing does little more than give the urologist or oncologist a persuasive argument, based on false dogma, for convincing a medically naive guy to take on even more unnecessary, and expensive, treatments. Guys, Take Control of Your Own Health and Well-Being: Whether or not you, the reader, agrees or disagrees with my thoughts here is of little import. What does matter is that I have, hopefully, caused you to question my statements and to seek, or to verify, the truth from your own study and research. It is only through personally taking charge of your own health by being more aware, informed and knowledgeable on all aspects of your disease or ailment , and then being able to choose between treatments available, from both conventional and alternative medicine, that you are able to take personal charge of your own health and decide your own future. Having the information and knowledge, and also the intellectual capacity, to confidently make treatment decisions without relying on input from biased or otherwise self-interested third parties is critical to your future health and well-being. I am perhaps a classic example of why it is so important for you to arm yourself in this way. I have been the prime mover in the detection of each and every one of my major illnesses, making my own treatment choices along the way. Had I not done so I would have received debilitating and unnecessary treatment, including life threatening surgery,  on several occasions. In one instance during 2000,  my oncologist and a thoracic surgeon both told me I had a kidney metastasis, showing cancer in my right lung and liver. They affirmed that I had just 12 months to live but in the meantime I should have my right lung removed for good measure. I declined and supercharged my natural remedies instead. When I didn't die on time a misdiagnose was later admitted to. Dhu!  It is now eleven years since and I've had no problems with either the lung or the liver over the period. What is more, I still have my right lung. Another example perhaps of why SCREENING FOR PROSTATE CANCER can cause greater harm than good. But you can read more about that on elsewhere on my blog. I do hope you have found these three post of interest to you. Please do keep in mind though that I am not a qualified health practitioner and I describe my personal opinions only based upon study and research. It is not intended as medical advice. Always discuss your health issues with your doctor before deciding upon any course of action… or inaction. END

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