Cancer Is Just Another Disease

Cancer is just another disease and must be treated accordingly… without undue fear or haste.

Yesterday, my 9 year old grandson Mitchell, noticing the book that I had been reading, titled “Prostate Health in 90 Days – Without drugs or Surgery” by Larry Clapp, Ph.D., J.D. and asked “Hey, Pop, do you have prostate cancer then”? When I replied in the affirmative he said “You look okay to me Pop, you don’t look ill at all”.

This was, of course, very nice to hear and I thanked him for his astute observation. It’s also an observation voiced by others and one which I already knew to be true, of course. But such comment raises the issue of perception within the community toward cancer victims, or I should say “people with cancer” as I hate that word victim. To my mind, it is used out of context. I certainly don’t see myself as a victim. A player in the great scheme of things? Yes. Victim? No. To me, cancer is just another disease and must be treated accordingly… without undue fear or haste.

But let me get to the point. My own observations lead me to believe that fear of the big ‘C’ has created an expectation in the community that if you have it, then you must surely exhibit some outward sign of it. How wrong could one be? Could this be because many people are inclined to keep their illness secret, away from family and friends until it does, indeed, show sign, and cancer becomes self evident? I wonder.

Or could it be that the big ‘C’ still has the stigma, albeit suppressed, that it had 40 – 50 years ago, when people suffering with it were hidden away and the cause of their illness kept from family and friends? It could also be the fact that so much ‘hype’ is  written about cancer by an ill informed media and digested by a ill advised public, implying that cancer is nothing less than a death warrant. Most media organizations get fed their ‘hype’ by the drug companies, rather than conduct their own research. And the drug companies sit on a 300 Billions a year cancer drug profit so putting the fear into the cancer population is just what they want.

I don’t profess to have the answers to all this as it is open to conjecture, but I would contend that it does indicate still, a major degree of misunderstanding or ignorance of the many cancer types and how each one may present itself in the human body and over what period of time. Could this be the result of fear? Fear of the dreaded ‘C’ as represented by conventional medicine? Fear of the unknown – and wishing therefore to keep it unknown? A mystery only your doctor is entitled to understand? Why should that be? CANCER IS JUST ANOTHER DISEASE, after all.

I leave you to ponder the gist of these few thoughts…

Meanwhile, my health couldn’t be better considering my circumstances. Energy levels are fantastic as is my general feelings of well-being. I still have some concern for my high blood pressure levels but I remain confident that the products I am taking will control it over time. Present averaged out levels are Systolic 145.7 and Diastolic 87.7. Yes, too high but I’ll wait and watch for a few weeks more.

Since starting my therapy in early June, I have lost several kilos, moving from 84kgs down to 80kgs. I’m quite happy with that as my change of diet is probably the reason. No more doughnuts, biscuits, chocolate, Ice cream and cream buns for me. Gosh, aren’t these things the very essence of life? Okay! Okay! I’m just joking.

If by giving up small pleasures, great happiness is to be found, the wise should give up small pleasures, seeing the prospect of great happiness” - THE BUDDHA

Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting my Homeopath for my routine chat. These visits are always enjoyable and very instructive too. But this time I fear I might get a bit of a rocket from her. I am supposed to be well into my meditation program but I’m not. I have too much difficulty ‘switching off’ mentally to get into a meditative mode. A definite indicator that I do seriously need to meditate.

My blood pressure goes hand in hand with my hypertension, which probably goes with my perfectionist, obsessive, and demanding nature. Demanding, that is, more of myself than of others. For much of my working life I have lived on adrenalin, energetically handling one crisis situation after another, either as a corporate executive or consultant, usually with considerable aplomb and apparent ease.

Which is strange that I now find myself now in a position where even minor situations can manifest themselves in my mind, and become major issues? I guess my past experiences really are catching up with me.

Later this week I will be having blood test to check my PSA levels and then next week, I will visit my urologist for the results. The time span since starting my holistic regimen is too short to expect a significant lowering of my PSA, but if there is a change for the better, no matter how small, I will take that as a very positive confirmation of the direction I am taking. I’ll let you know.

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